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T4UK - hospitality business marketing - is the only real training and business development solution for country, rural, village and town pubs, restaurants and hotels. Our strategies are suitable for any hospitality business anywhere in the world.

Especially our hospitality business development literature

We help businesses....

ü Find new customers

ü Motivate existing customers

ü Pamper to the needs of their high value customers

ü Re-engage with lost customers 

ü Train staff

ü ...and help business owners to learn to work on their business and not always in it.

There is no reason why you couldn't accelerate your hospitality business growth by tapping into the fantastic and up to date knowledge of Adrian Close (T4 UK founder and head business growth specialist). During the last 20 years Adrian has built 3 separate £1m+ Hospitality businesses from scratch and his own leased pub, restaurant and functions business - so he knows a thing or two about hospitality business growth.

“We're all about holding business owners, like you, to account and helping you implement positive change in your business - if you're up for it”.

There is no magic wand or special formula for hospitality business marketing. You simply need to know where you are right now, where you want your business to be this time next year and we'll help you plan a way to achieve it. For example you might just want to increase a Thursday trade from £500 to £2000 (which by the way I did in my own business). We will help you with a promotion and suggest which of the 56 ways to market an event would suit you. You then go and do it. If you don't follow our advise you'll only remain in the same position that you have always been in. If you do follow our advise your taking will increase. Incidentally if your taking only increase by £1000 and not £1500 have you failed - NO you're £56,000 better of than you were.

"It's not your customer's job to remember to do business with you. It's your job to remind them..."

Our new book "Hospitality marketing campaigns" is now available to buy in full or you can buy individual monthly promotions - contact us for further information.

as well as hospitality business marketing

As well as hospitality business marketing, we also help hospitality business managers and owners think differently - you'll see some great examples in our blog.


I’d like to share one scary thought I heard.

Most people in the hospitality Industry are wrong…

                                                                                                                       …about EVERYTHING!

Now, I know this is quite a strong headline, I thought so too when I first heard it, but I’d like you to read on and think about it for yourself.

You see for any group of businesses, and particularly when you look across an entire industry like ours, there are around 1% of the businesses in our market which are miles ahead of the rest. They’re takings are seriously high and unquestionably the mangers and business owners are seriously successful and earning serious cash.

And roughly speaking, there’s about 4% that are doing great and 15% that are well on their way - they've cracked hospitality business marketing.

With these figures in mind (and I promise you their accurate) it leaves around 60% of hospitality business owners who are just ‘getting by’ and a further 20% who are seriously struggling.

Now, once you accept this analysis as the truth it forces you to a very uncomfortable conclusion and that is that most people within our sector really are wrong…about everything - because 80% of businesses are either just getting by or seriously struggling and that was never the plan was it?

I remember vividly the very first day I was in business for myself. I was down in the bar cleaning all the lines before we opened the business a couple of days later, the bar was empty and I felt this massive wave of “Oh S***” envelop me.

I realised that I’d just put the livelihood of my family in the hands of this newly formed business and it was incredibly scary. But I had a goal. I had a dream. Just like you did on the first day in your business.

Every single hospitality business owner, on day one in their business, had a dream or goal too. It’s what motivated us to take that massive step to go it alone.

To embrace responsibility.

But the sad fact is that whether that goal was about the money, the time/flexibility, the sense of purpose – whatever it was, for most business owners, somewhere between that first day in business and today, their goal has been compromised. No one set out to get-by or struggle but the most common reason that happens is that people look around and copy the other people in their sector.

Well, if you do the same as most people in your sector then you’ll end up with the same results as them, which means… you’ll either be ‘getting by’ or struggling.

The smart thing to do is to identify, clearly, who is in the 1%, 4% or the 15% at the top of the tree and model your activity on them. Copy the hospitality business marketing of those guys – not the masses – The problem is that so few people do.

I’ll let you into a little secret – all the things I’m writing about in this book are NOT things that I have discovered or invented myself. I’ve learned them from others like Michael Gerber and Dan Kennedy. These people I’ve learned from have been people in the 1%, 4% and 15% and that’s what’s enabled me to establish my businesses in the 20% as well.

The reality is that successful hospitality managers and business owners implement the things that are set out in this book, and more, and they’re the ones that you have to model yourself on, not everyone else (those who continue to bask in mediocrity and lurch from cash crisis to cash crisis).

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